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Translation Square operates with an organized team which carries out the tasks involved in several production areas: 

Analysis, research and management of projects.

Translation and proofreading area: this includes qualified professional native translators working in their native languages (glossaries and terminological databases, translation memories, specialised dictionaries and other terminological resources).


Layout-DTP and design area: the format arranging of documents, contents and automatic fields updating, cross references, page arrangements, style management, illustrations and figure arrangements, etc.

Quality control: terminological consistency, grammatical mistakes and stylistic amendments, proofreading of the documents, etc.

Each project is analysed and checked before being translated. This analysis consists of the study of the form and content of each document, which involves the programme in which the file has been generated, word counts, figures and illustrations, graphic styles, types of text, structure repetitions, etc.

Once this study has been carried out, a quotation is given and, once the client agrees, the coordination of the job commences. This process involves a close relationship with the client throughout the whole project.

Finally, our client obtains the service requested and is constantly aware of the state of his project.