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Translation Memories

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Specific terminological databases for each client



Translation Square has a substantial computing infrastructure and works with the best translation assistance tools on the market (as for example, Trados Translator Workbench). These tools are essential to guarantee terminological consistency in technical translations.

 Translation Memories. During the work of the translator, this tool generates a database in which the source and matched translated texts are structurally added. Alter building up several repetitions with these similar structures, this application identifies a segment or sentence translated previously and suggests an optional match. The translator then accepts, changes or rejects the optional match provided by the programme.


Making use of these types of tools facilitates the task of translation and improves the results obtained when translating documents of the same kind. The quality and accuracy of the texts will also be improved and the whole translation process is speeded up. Thus, the clients will benefit as regards the cost of their projects.